«Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank» has chosen CFT’s solution
Center of Financial Technologies and Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank (OOO) have entered into an agreement whereunder CFT-Bank information complex (Platform 1) will be installed in the bank. Credits, warranties, legal entities’ deposits, cash management services and accounting will be primarily performed with the use of the new IT-platform in accordance with the modernization plan.
Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank has been operating in the financial market since 2012. Until July 2013 it performed its business under the name of Phoenix Capital Bank (OOO). In July 2013 the decision to rename the credit institution into “Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank” (OOO) was made by the bank’s members at the extraordinary general meeting. The Bank’s principal business activity is providing services to legal entities: it renders remote banking services, gives bank guarantees, offers credit products and deposits, and performs settlement services.
Strategic aim of Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank is to become a large credit institution with equity capital exceeding 1 mln Rubles and to provide high-quality financial services to its customers. The Bank rapidly increases its equity capital, expands banking services provided to the customers and improves the quality thereof. Complex automation on the basis of CFT-Bank shall provide technical assistance for the bank to successfully manage its challenging tasks.  
Currently the Bank has passed initial investigation step, the project team proceeded to implement the first-line products.  

“Yediniy Stroitelniy BAnk” (OOO), license of CB of RF No.3506 as of May, 8, 2013
The Bank’s official website www.st-bank.ru