CFT in TOP 3 Russian Software Developers

RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) has published the rankings of Russia’s major IT groups and companies based on the activity results of 2016. CFT occupies the second place of the ranking in the category ”Software development”. The Company has remained the 7th in the rating IT services  and risen two places in the list of Russia’s major IT companies (all segments of the IT market) and ended up number 8. 
As compared to the previous years, the results of this fifteenth list of Russia’s major IT groups and companies prepared by RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) look optimistic. The total revenue of the companies included in the ranking in 2016 has increased by 11% and made 565.6 billion rubles. Of course, these figures are notional, and the inflation-adjusted annual results (5.4% according to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service) for the industry are less impressive. Nevertheless, we can state that the tendency has reversed – the market growth is evident.
Among the growth factors are deferred demand on IT implementation and raising interest of customers in advanced digital technologies.