CFT in the rating of Russia’s major IT companies 

CNews Analytics Agency published the new version of the rating СNews100: Russia’s Major IT Companies. Center of Financial Technologies takes the 25th place in the general rating of companies in the Russian IT market (all branches analyzed) by the Total Revenue indicator. As compared to 2010, CFT went up two positions in the rating. In 2011 the company’s total revenue was 9,074,200 thousand rubles.
According to CNews Analytics, the total revenue of Russia’s hundred biggest IT companies at the end of 2011 was 854,245,337 thousand rubles. As compared to 2010, the growth made 34.2%. CNews Analytics experts say that IT expenses in Russia grow faster than in the average around the world and in the nearest future this trend will probably continue. Though, in general, the Russian IT market is considered as developing, the demand is already highly developed in certain branches, such as banking or telecommunications, and thus maturity signs appeared in 2011. It is expected that by 2015, IT expenses of Russian customers will increase by 11.6% in the average, and the biggest dynamics will be seen in the transport, telecom, housing and public utility, and energetics spheres.
According to Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT GC, “The IT market for the financial sector has notably livened up as compared to 2010. In 2011 the IT budgets of Russian banks grew by 30–40% in the average. Especially this concerns TOP-100 banks. Again, the main trend in TOP-100 bank activity automation is business centralization. Business process standardization experiences rapid development which enables quick launch of new products in the market in the bank infrastructure, and provision of customers with similar opportunities in the regions of presence.”
In the interview to СNews magazine A.Visyaschev named the most important events for CFT in 2011-2012: “At the beginning of this year we presented CFT Financial Product Catalog to the market. 2012 for us is the year of product strategy. Banks offer their customers almost identical sets of standard products – loans, deposits, bank cards, money transfers. This means that banks need to make minimum effort for technological development and support of these standard products. The bank should focus on creation of unique products that differ it from its competitors and provide high profit with that. In our turn we are ready to provide our partner banks with comprehensive support in creation, launch and support of strategic products. It is reasonable to acquire all standard financial products from the vendor and use them as they are, without modifications. Bank business processes should be adjusted to the system, not otherwise. For this reason we have formed a catalog of 280 preset financial products for performance of all standard operations of the bank.”