Faktura.ru: results of 2012

In 2012 Faktura.ru remote banking service provider continued comprehensive technological development and showed gradual growth in all business directions.
During the year the number of corporate customers that use the Internet Bank service has increased by 32%, the number of retail customers has increased 2.5-fold, as compared to the results of 2011. The number of payments via the Mobile Bank service has shown a sixfold increase in the same period. The total number of installations of Faktura.ru mobile applications has exceeded 15 thousand. The number of supported 1C configurations for work with the service “Faktura.ru Internet Bank for 1C: Enterprise” has grown to 35. Over 20 major partners of the remote banking provider have extended the regional network of presence of remote banking services.
In 2012 in order to promote the service among Faktura.ru users stimulating marketing events were held together with partner banks that helped increase the monthly acceleration of activation of the Internet Bank service for corporate and retail users in the average by 86% during the action period.
Keen struggle for customers that encourages active development of electronic and mobile technologies alters the alignment of forces in the remote banking market. And those have the advantage who provide the widest range of not just high-quality online services but specifically those services that are interesting and essential for the end user. In this situation Internet Bank is the most available and convenient means of communication, sale of financial products and customer loyalty management.
Following the market trends and trying to make the Internet Bank indeed a mass instrument for operative finance management, Faktura.ru remote banking provider emphasizes extension of the functionality of remote services and improvement of their user features. Exclusive developments and projects implemented in 2012 indicate the start of the new stage in Faktura.ru development.
Free mobile applications of Faktura.ru for Android and iPhone issued at the beginning of 2012 extend the format of Internet Bank. From this time on Faktura.ru turns from a “home” bank office into a “pocket” office and provides the quickest access to customer bank accounts.
Along with the launch of the interface implemented on the modern platform using advanced graphic web technologies, Faktura.ru obtains a new look and comes one more step closer to the user. Improved menu structure, intelligent service search, online interaction with visual elements, big headings and associative icons increase the user friendliness of service operation and allow convenient navigation in the wide functionality and easy and quick studying of new services.
It is also worth mentioning the option of using a white label model by Faktura.ru partner banks to the extent of mobile applications and Internet Bank service for natural persons. System customization to the bank corporate identity and creation of an individual look of remote banking services are available to all Faktura.ru partner banks.
A new version of the Internet Bank service for natural persons contains the functionality essential for the market as well as a range of significant customizations which increase the security, fail resistance, efficiency, convenience in operation and effecting of payments. Thus the updated Internet Bank allows confirming several documents with one SMS password, when the payments ready to be effected are automatically sent to one “basket”, and if a user is customer of several banks, the list of documents for confirmation is grouped by the payment bank. The SMS message with a one-time password contains information on the amount and purpose of each payment from the “basket”. Besides, customer payments can now be effected in the Internet Bank automatically according to the generated schedule activated by the customer using a one-time SMS password. Also the new system version provides for the option of payment of the templates created in the Internet Bank using SMS instructions from a mobile phone. The instructions are sent to a universal 6470 dial with specification of the template name and payment amount. The option is available for customers of all Faktura.ru partner banks irrespective of the bank ABS.
Along with the extension of the functionality and launch of the new Internet Bank interface Faktura.ru updates the service user website www.faktura.ru. As before, the site provides a comprehensive set of current system information but has a brand new version and offers convenient navigation using the menu enriched with new sections. The graphic solution of the website is implemented in accordance with the uniform brand book of the Center of Financial Technologies Group and is aimed at allowing users to quickly and easily receive any required information or get an answer to a specific question.
Among the 2012 novelties also is implementation of the functionality of operation with deposits of natural persons that allows automatic opening, closing and replenishment of deposit accounts, freezing cards via the Internet Bank interface and online setting of the bank card security mode, as well as extension of the online purchase functionality and integration of the new “Instant Transfers” service, which is becoming very popular among Faktura.ru users, along with the “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” system.