Miraf-Bank has adopted CFT’s complex technological outsourcing  

Miraf-Bank CJSC and the Center of Financial Technologies have entered into a partnership agreement. Thereunder the Bank shall replace its current ABS with the CFT-Bank system, an informational banking complex run on CFT DPC. Under the agreement CFT Company shall provide user support, banking system support and development, as well as system updating in accordance with legal requirements.
Miraf-Bank is a regional bank established in 1993 in Siberia (Omsk city) currently providing its customers with a wide range of competitive banking services.
Since 2006 Miraf-Bank has been actively expanding its commercial presence. The Bank’s offices are currently available in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Omsk, Samara, Tolyatti and Kostroma. Bank’s further development has required new informational banking system designed to solve a whole range of tasks. In its search for an ABS provider, Miraf-Bank has decided on the solution created by CFT.
“In its 20th anniversary Miraf-Bank is entering a new stage in its development, - says Yaroslav Medoks, IT Director of Miraf-Bank CJSC CB. – New growing business requirements call for new approaches to automation. The bank has considered a number of various modernization perspectives of its applicable architecture and eventually decided in favor of complex outsourcing offered by CFT group of companies. CFT’s offer turned out to be the best appropriate for Miraf-Bank. We are looking forward to cooperating with the CFT Group of Companies”.
“CFT is actively developing CFT-Bank outsourcing, – says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT GK Management Board. – We are successfully passing on our experience gained in the course of developing our previous projects. Following the transit to CFT-Bank outsourcing our new partner will achieve IT independence and will be relieved of solving incidental issues regarding IT infrastructure content”.
The upcoming project will lead to transfer of data from the Bank’s current ABS to CFT-Bank system run on CFT’s server, delivery of processing of international payment system cards to CardStandard processing center and substitution of the Bank’s current remote banking system by the Faktura.ru service.