​Golden Crown Money Transfer at the Global Money Transfer Summit-2013

Golden Crown has taken part in the largest European money transfer event – Global Money Transfer Summit-2013, the annual international summit organized by an international company IAMTN on October 29-30 in London (Great Britain).
Delegates from all over the world gathered in the Tower Hotel nested on the side of the river Thames to determine major world trends in money transfer industry and discuss the most vital and burning issues. Among other things Summit participants deliberated upon matters of legislation in the money transfer market and held spirited discussions about future directions of new, dynamically developing formats of money transfer services.
Fantastic array of speakers - industry leaders representing innovative start-up companies, banks and service organizations, as well as representatives of regulatory and supervision agencies in the sphere - have been invited to the Summit. This year for first time ever Golden Crown Money Transfer Service became an official sponsor and a participant of Global Money Transfer Summit that opened up the possibility to demonstrate the Service advantages. Impressive performance results of the Golden Crown Money Transfer aroused a keen interest among the Summit participants and resulted in creating productive business relationships.

IAMTN – an International Association of Money Transfer Networks.  It was founded in January, 2006 to support companies providing services in the money transfer market and to lobby the interests of money transfers world industry. Since foundation the Association has been organizing international conferences involving leaders in the money transfer market to discuss major trends and challenges of the industry.