Alyans Bank became a new partner of the Golden Crown in Kazakhstan

Citizens in Kazakhstan now can make even more comfortable money transfers to Russia and countries of near and far abroad via the Golden Crown. Alyans Bank with 109 service locations in Kazakhstan has become the service partner in the republic.
Alyans Bank, a leader in the domestic market, has been operating in the banking market for more than 20 years. Currently the Bank ranks 10th in the country and 88th in CIS by the amount of assets (according to RIA Rating) and is developing as a universal financial institution operating in all business areas with a special focus on retail market and SME lending.
Alyans Bank has a multi-branch network covering 19 branches and more than 100 subdivisions in 51 cities and towns of Kazakhstan Republic.
“Annual growth in remittance transfers is actually a global tendency, and Kazakhstan is not an exception. Not only do people in the republic receive money transfers from abroad, but also actively make remittances to Russia, CIS countries and throughout the world. That is why we are glad to announce a reliable high-tech partner – the Golden Crown, a large international service, successfully operating in the remittance market for more than 10 years”, – notes Tatyana Belova, Senior Banker of Retail Banking Group of Alyans Bank JSC.
“We are actively developing our partner network in Kazakhstan. Implementation of the project with Alyans Bank will significantly strengthen our positions in the region. Due to new cooperation, the Golden Crown’s network has grown by 109 locations and exceeded 1 thousand locations”, – says Olesya Fyodorova,  Deputy Head of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service.

Alyans Bank JSC, Almaty, Kazakhstan. License No. 250 dated December 26, 2007 issued by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulating and monitoring financial market and financial companies. It is a participant of the Association of Kazakhstan’s bankers; International interbank telecommunications S.W.I.F.T. and REUTERS; Principal member of VISA International and MasterCard International payment systems. Alyans Bank JSC was put in the list of second stage banks, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, accepting funds entrusted by companies performing benefit assets management and by State Pension Savings Fund CJSC. For more detailed information please go to