Zalkar Bank has implemented the first stage of the CFT-Bank

OAO Zalkar Bank (Kyrgyzstan) has fully and successfully implemented the products of the first stage of the CFT-Bank software suite, using its own resources and under assistance of CFT and its partner IFS.
The result has become an implementation, into the Bank’s IT infrastructure, of the Accounting Core, Processing Center, Cash Management and Payment Services, Cash Transactions and Accounting, Accounting for Cash and Inventories, Foreign Currency Exchange, Deposits, and Statutory NB KR Reporting, in line with the plan. CFT professionals have also applied a number of additional solutions scheduled for implementation at the next stages, and Currency Conversion Transactions is among them. Therefore, owing to high expertise of the implementation team, some products were put into commercial operation in the Bank ahead of schedule.
Currently, the second stage is being developed which involves installation of the Credits and the Card Module software in Zalkar Bank. The Bank also plans to launch Golden Crown—Money Transfer system in the nearest future.
Today, Zalkar Bank is one of the leading players in the national banking sector, a public bank of the Republic, has a wide branch network and actively uses advanced solutions and technologies in order to improve the quality of its customer services. The Bank maintains the accounts of the Social Fund, the Development Fund and the Ministry of Public Property.
Implementation of the CFT-Bank software in Zalkar Bank will become another successful project in the CFT Group portfolio. Currently, the CFT Group solutions are used by eight credit institutions present in Kyrgyzstan, including OAO Commercial Bank of Kyrgyzstan, BTA-Bank, Companion Financial Group, and others.