Faktura.ru and CBF Bank: “Instant Transfers” service launched in record-breaking time

Retail customers of CBF Bank LLC can now send instant money transfers via “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” system directly from the Internet bank interface.
Quick launch of the exclusive “Instant Transfers” service has demonstrated that CBF Bank can immediately react to changes in market trends and needs of own customers, which is one of the competitive advantages in today’s banking market. “Customers have long concerned themselves with the option of addressless money transfers from the Internet bank interface,” comments Sergey Postnov, CBF Bank Vice-President, on the situation. “Businessmen do not always have a chance to send transfers to their relatives. This is most relevant in Moscow and other big cities, where the problem of lack of time and traffic jams is an issue. The opportunity to effect such operations irrespective of the time and place, at any time from a personal or workplace computer is quite a reasonable customer’s desire. This service is offered within the line of services of our partner Faktura.ru, the question was only in the promptitude of its launch at CBF Bank.”
Such situations give a more and more clear view of the role of information technologies in banking business and their direct influence on its efficiency and productivity, and as a result they cause the raise of the level of responsibility of the IT solution and service vendor for the destiny of hundreds of its customers. “As is known, Faktura.ru Remote Banking System is provided to partner banks fully outsourced and the whole infrastructure is located on the facilities of CFT Data Processing Center, which has allowed deploying the “Instant Transfers” service at our bank almost in an instant. On the part of the bank, only few settings on the level of the system administrator were required, and already several hours later customers received notifications on the opportunity to use the new convenient option,” comments Denis Plyukhin, Head of Information Technologies Department of CBF Bank, on the launch of the project.
Private users of the bank remote services can now send instant addressless transfers via “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” system at any time. The system service infrastructure comprises over 34,000 offices in Russia and the CIS. The fee for transfers in Faktura.ru is similar to standard rates of the “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” system.
To send a transfer via Internet bank personal account a user needs to go to “Transfers” - ”Golden Crown” section, fill in special fields with the transfer amount, payee’s full name and contact phone number, select the country and city from the list. The fee will automatically appear on the screen. The generated payment order as well as any other Internet bank operation must be confirmed with a one-time password. The transfer can be cashed at any issuing office of the specified city just seconds after the sending. The payee is informed about crediting of the cash and the payer about successful transfer disbursement via SMS message.
“Extension of the functional line of remote banking services will help improve the loyalty of the major part of the bank customers due to broader satisfaction of their needs. We truly hope that the innovative developments of CFT will help our partner extend their remote banking system for their customers and show high business performance,” says Madina Mukanova, Director of Faktura.ru.

Corporate Finance Bank LLC (General License of the Bank of Russia No.2684) was founded in 1994.
It is a universal commercial bank that renders a full range of banking services for retail and corporate customers and financial institutions.
The main business direction is financing of developing enterprises of medium business.
The special feature of Corporate Finance Bank is its willingness to understand the uniqueness and current business needs of business and develop common efficient solutions to Customer’s unique financial tasks.
The Bank’s major Customers are small and medium business enterprises engaged in food and chemical industries, metallurgy, services, mass media, IT and film production.
In 2009, CBF Bank won the prize of the special “Financial Olympus” awards in the category “Corporate Bank (Potential and Prospect)”.
In 2010, CBF Bank won the prize of the “Finance” magazine awards for successful strategy in building partner relations with customers.
In 2011, Expert rating agency boosted the bank’s credit rating to “A” level (high credit rating).