Large-scale training in Bank Saint-Petersburg has been completed 

Mid-October marked the completion of the large-scale training project for the professionals of Bank Saint-Petersburg — one of the major federal banks in Russia. The project was implemented during seven months and involved training of 860 employees.
The decision to replace the current technology platform with the new-generation CFT-Bank system (Platform 1) was made by the Bank in March 2011. Training included several stages for various professional groups.
In April was the start of training for the Bank’s implementation group, including IT staff, database administrators, and process engineers. It was followed by the overall training of the Bank’s managers who acquired basic system operation skills. From August through October 2011 about 750 Bank employees had remote training in the operation of the Navigator Automated Work Station and had basic practice in the use of the system during interactive sessions: Features of Customer Relations, Features of Accounts and Account Plan Management, Non-Cash and Cash Document Flow, Cash Management Services, Loans, and Deposits. Training covered the head office as well as all additional offices in Saint-Petersburg.
Simultaneous training was conducted for the unit heads and key managers of the Bank’s head office directorates. Key users learnt to understand system functions by their area of responsibility.
Therefore, by the start of ‘testing days’ in October, 860 Bank’s professionals has already had the relevant training. Pavel Filimonyuk, the Deputy Chairman of the Bank’s Management Board, says, ‘The testing day was a success mostly due to well-coordinated efforts of CFT training centres and the Bank. I think the training has achieved its objectives.’
This large-scale training project in the major bank of the North-West of Russia included successful implementation of all-user training in a large multi-branch bank, adjustment of the method and integration processes of two remote-training systems of CFT and the Bank,’ says Natalia Alexandrova, Director of the CFTs Training Centre, New experience we acquired while implementing the project means efficient re-training of all the staff of large geographically distributed financial institutions, high-quality standards of customer service, and full manageability of training process.’