CFT as Rated by RIA Novosti

The online journal Digit (an IT project of RIA Novosti) published its first ratings in 2011 of the thirty biggest Russian IT companies (in all industries). The companies were rated by the experts of the RIA Analitika, the Center for Economic Research. Based on this study, the Top 30 companies, including the CFT Group, account for 78% of the total market.
According to RIA Analitika, the IT industry began growing again last year, although it is not yet back to the pre-crisis levels. After a significant 12–14% decline in 2009, the national IT market amounted to 13–15% (570–580 billion rubles). The IT market is forecasted to grow up to 15–20% in 2011.
The post-crisis revival of the Russian economy has been primarily felt by the leading IT companies, which have recovered twice as fast as the market in general—their revenue has increased by almost 30%. Based on the numbers from 2010, the thirty largest IT companies brought in 447.8 billion rubles.
According to the RIA Analitika study, the industries with the strongest financial performance in 2010 were oil refineries, mining, metallurgy, and chemical production. It can be expected that these industries will continue to lead in 2011, causing an increase in their demand for IT services. In 2011 the demand for IT services in the banking sector, which has mostly recovered from the recession, will also be quite high.

RIA Analitika, the Center for Economic Research, was created by the Multimedia Information Agency of RIA Novosti in January 2011, in order to provide its readers and customers with the diversified professional assessments of the Russian economy and financial system. At the core of the research center is a team of analysts previously employed by AK&M, a well-known rating agency. The center’s key task is to conduct economic research in various sectors of the economy, rate various market participants, and review the performance of different businesses, regions, and banks.