The CFT Training Center has summed up the year 2011

The scope of educational services provided by the CFT Training Center has increased significantly in 2011. A total of 5,061 specialists were trained, which is almost five times as many as in 2010. The Training Center offers education at over 400 courses and programs directed at studying of the company’s products and services, at professional and personal development of CFT employees’ and partner bank specialists.
Customer Education
During the year, 206 professional training projects were implemented for the staff of CFT customer banks; and the scope of services rendered to regular customers increased the amount of services provided for new banks almost three times. A range of topical workshops were conducted on the following urgent topics: “Transfer to Oracle 11g”, “CFT-Testing Machine”, “Principles of Bank’s Operation with Visa and MasterCard international payment systems and with Cardstandard processing center”. The total number of trainees showed a 3.5 times increase as compared to 2010.
The special feature of 2011 was implementation of a range of large-scale projects for mass training of bank users in respect of the basic operation skills for CFT-Bank system. The major projects included training of specialists at banks: Rossiya Bank (251 employees), Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (MBRD) (126 employees), Bank Saint-Petersburg (860 employees). In December the Training Center launched the project of distant interactive education of 629 key business specialists and users of Petrovskiy bank, branch of Otkritie Bank.
Training of IT Specialists
Traditionally, CFT lays big emphasis on the qualification level of IT specialists. This year the company’s Training Center paid special attention to satisfying the high demand for IT courses of external providers and increasing the number of the company’s investments into this sphere through arrangement and optimization of training by external providers. 375 employees were trained by external providers in 2011, which was 67% as many as in 2010 almost not exceeding the previous year’s budget.
Another successful direction was independent development of distant courses and tests for regular IT training. The demand for tester training was satisfied by development of 18 distant Software Testing courses which were taught to ca. 50 employees since October 2011. The Oracle basic distant course was very popular – 86 specialists took it during the year.
Distant Training and Development of Distant Courses
2011 witnessed a new stage in development of the company’s electronic training technologies. Several dozens of prepared training courses were installed in the distance training system. The company’s electronic courses were actively developed in all directions: CFT products, corporate technologies, IT technologies, business courses. The total amount of distant training courses showed a 70% increase by the end of the year. This allowed significantly increasing the share of distant training in the total scope of educational services provided by the Training Center: to 57% of services to external customers and to 75% in corporate training.
“Using innovative training technologies and complex approach to training not only allows efficiently meeting strategic challenges on installation of new bank products but also supports high professional level of specialists in our company,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT GC.
In 2011 the CFT Training Center offered the company’s specialists a range of new training directions: project management, corporate business training, purpose oriented programs for professional and personal growth, trainings and education on corporate and IT technologies.
Natalia Aleksandrova, Director of the Training Center says: “During the year the company fairly created a knowledge management system that includes needs analysis, knowledge systematization and support of their use in the company’s business processes, and the estimate of efficiency of corporate training. All this allows increasing the efficiency of return on investments into upgrading of the employees’ qualification.”
Corporate Business Training
In 2011, 1425 employees were trained at the CFT Training Center, which made 77% of the total number of the company’s employees.
In spring 2011, the Training Center began mass training of the company's specialists through e-courses and purpose oriented programs directed at development of personal and business qualities. Over 150 specialists chose complex approach to development of communicative and negotiation skills and took part in the purpose oriented programs “Master of external communications” and ”Master of negotiations”, that comprise distant courses and full-time two-day trainings by Novosibirsk leading business coachers. In the second half-year, the program Successful manager” was implemented and successfully finished by 40 directors with different managing experience. The program “Efficient time management” was very popular, it was taken by 122 specialists. According to the comments of the participants, the training allowed releasing their additional resources due to more efficient time arrangement during fulfillment of complicated tasks and planning of periodical tasks.
During the year, the Training Center actively used the e-training technology for introduction of corporate technologies. For this purpose, a range of courses on sales strategy and the company’s technological regulations was developed. Over 900 CFT Business specialists took these courses.
The company management established a contest “Course leader” to encourage the employees’ success in corporate training. The most active, successful and responsible employees received valuable gifts. The absolute contest leaders, Elena Serzhantova, Dmitry Usynin and Eldar Beytullaev, were awarded the company gift certificates for fulfilling their dreams in travelling.
Project Management
The highlight of the previous year was the launch of the program for corporate training of CFT employees on professional project management based on the courses of the PMI PMBOK adapted and followed-up by PM Expert Company, Russia’s leader in project management training. In order to create a uniform corporate project management strategy, a complex training program was developed for CFT employees in 2011that comprised distant courses, individual tasks and simulation business games.
Since the beginning of 2011, over 180 of the company’s specialists from different departments and cities successfully finished the Basic Course, 83 specialists passed advanced courses. All these employees received PM Expert certificates. The end stage of the biggest corporate complex program was PME degree exams. Currently, 33 company’s specialists have passed the certificate exam and received the degree “Expert in project management”.