CFT’s solutions applied in FiaBank to create a bank of the future

FIA-BANK CJSC is successfully implementing a project on technological modernization of IT-infrastructure. Implemented project will allow the the bank to transfer the majority of key business processes to the software of one vendor - the Center of Financial Technologies.
In January 2015 CFT-Bank informational complex has been implemented in FiaBank. This will lead to creation of unified environment of customer services, achievement of new level for retail business automation which will reduce time for customer servicing and increase its quality. Earlier FiaBank used to have two different systems to automate private customer transactions.
Connection of FiaBank to RBS processing center of provider, part of CFT GC, is planned for February 2015 - a modern service of Internet- and mobile bank will be added to the line of financial institution’s products. Besides, the bank will transfer the function of processing of international payment systems’ cards to CardStandard Processing Center, being also a part of CFT GC.
Maksim Morozov, Chairman of FiaBank’s Management Board notes: “Transfer to a new technological platform is a part of our program on IT-infrastructure focused on retail market. Being a highly technological bank, FiaBank implements a lot of progressive things in the market. CFT-Bank’s important advantage is integration with processing services of CFT GC. Development of retail segment based on CFT’s solutions is our strategic choice caused by the bank’s desire to widen the range of financial products with high quality services developed with due consideration of current customer needs. CFT-developed solutions are best-designed for that. Software and services from one vendor will enable us to timely introduce new products and services to the market. We aim to use opportunities provided by CFT's solutions to the full for the benefit of our customers”.
“Complex approach to bank’s retail business automation through CFT’s solutions will provide our customer with wide opportunities for further development of this trend, – says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT GC’s Management Board. – CFT-Bank will help to transfer classic services – deposits, loans, currency exchange transactions, - to a completely new level. CFT processing will enable FiaBank to increase card business turnover, improve customer service, particularly remote banking customer service, and introduce new market products not only complying with major industry trends, but also allowing to play with the forecasts”.
Together with software upgrade, FiaBank plans to upgrade head-end equipment, network infrastructure, including bank’s ATM network in order to ensure compliance of resources with the increasingly stringent requirements for processes stability and information security.