Extension of cooperation between CFT and DORS

Center of Financial Technologies (CFT Group) and DORS Group have completed the project of integration of “CFT-ATM” software product with full-function DORS 4010 ATM. The project resulted in extension of the list of highly efficient solutions of CFT for support of DORS РТМ-1122 banking information and payment terminals and multi-functional DORS 2010 ATMs with the new solution for disbursement and acceptance of cash, as well as for rendering a wide range of account management services and effecting of payments 24х7х365.
For over ten years CFT and DORS have been successful partners and promoted reliable high-tech solutions for financial institutions in Russia and the CIS. The integration was performed under the cooperative agreement in the field of supply of DORS PTM advanced banking self-service systems between Center of Financial Technologies Group and DORS Group signed in October 2011.
Extension of partnership provides for a special offer on supply of CFT-ATMs and PTM series DORS ATMs to partner banks, and comprises a full list of warranty and post-warranty maintenance services for PTM series DORS ATMs and terminals. DORS devices support the whole functionality of processing services. Due to the complex software and hardware solution banks will have new opportunities for operation in the retail sector of the financial market.
For more information on the functionality of DORS 4010 ATM and the cost of the offered solution please visit respective sales offices of CFT Group (to@ftc.ru) and DORS Company r.kochetkov@dors.com (contact person – Roman Kochetkov).