Golden Crown is the most popular service of money transfers in Kazakhstan by the results of 2013

Kursiv Research has made a rating of the most popular money transfer systems among Kazakhstan citizens by the results of 2013 (total amounts of money transferred abroad and across Kazakhstan republic were considered). According to the rating, the Golden Crown is “the most popular money transfer system in KR. Total amount of money transferred abroad via this system by non-residents amounts to KZT 83.3 bln”.
Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service occupies 34.9% of Kazakhstan money transfer market. In 2013 total amount of money transferred by citizens of the Republic abroad amounted to KZT 697.3 ths.
Total number of money transfer transactions made via international money transfer systems to Kazakhstan Republic during 2013 equaled to 2.3 mln for the total amount of KZT 275.6 bln. The volume of transfers increased by 11% as compared to 2012.