CFT is a leading supplier of IT services for financial sector according to IDC

IDC in its report - Competitive Profiles and Analysis of Leading IT Services Players in Russia – provides an analysis of the Russian market by major suppliers of IT services. CFT Company has become a leading supplier of IT services for banking sector according thereto.
The published document contains data on the companies’ market shares depending on the scope of IT-services offered in the market. It also contains detailed market analysis of company’s position in various functional market segments and sectors of economics.
According to IDC’s report, in 2013 Russian IT market share grew by nearly 8% and comprised USD 7.7 bln. This happened despite absence of demand from telecommunication sphere. Its share in IT services decreased to 14.5% from a high 20.3%, which means 23% decrease from USD 1.45bln to USD 1.12bln.  Banks showed support for the market – their demand for IT services in 2013 grew by 11.2% and reached USD 1.7 bln, the share grew up to 22.2% from 21.5% and the public sector grew up to 18.3% from 16.3%.

Financial sector has accumulated the largest market share regarding demand for IT services by sectors of economy, and CFT Company became the leading supplier in the category.

IDC is a leading supplier of information and consulting services, an event organizer in the sphere of IT, telecommunications and consumer equipment.