CFT in Top 3 Russian IT Developers

The CNews Analytics agency has published its analytical review ”IT Market: Results 2018”. CFT was ranked 3rd in the rating ”Russia’s Major IT Developers 2018” and 13th in the rating ”Russia’s Major IT Companies 2018” (CNews100).
Based on 2018, the total revenue of Russia's major IT companies participating in the CNews100 rating made ₽1,287 bln. As compared to 2017, it increased by 11.2%. The Top 20 IT companies made 79% of the total revenues. According to the agency’s analysts, the market managed to overcome the stagnation of the past years and resume its growth.
The main incentives for the market development were the government’s policy of building a digital economy and achieving technological independence, and the desire of businesses to minimize costs and increase efficiency.
Despite the fact that the projects envisaged by the Digital Economy state program have not been launched yet, many customers have already started testing solutions based on breakthrough technologies. Open source software solutions created by Russian developers arise strong interest. There is a growing demand for IT services which allow rapidly adapting the business to change and increasing its competitiveness. The main problem is the lack of qualified specialists who are able to work at the intersection of business and IT and ensure the actual digital transformation.
The staff number in Russian IT companies increased by an average of 16% in 2018.