CFT presents CFT-Budget Planning Application Catalog

CFT announces launching the Application Catalog with Applications for support of business processes of budget planning and receipt of consolidated management reporting in credit and financial organizations and holdings.
Over the past years CFT has been actively developing computerization of financial and management activity of corporations and holdings. With constant complication of operation technologies of major business treasuries and increase of the scope of processed data, issues of technological support of financial units have become of great importance today.
“It is impossible to manage a big company without installing a budgeting system, thus the specific character of installation of budget management in corporations and holdings influences the process strategy and organization,” says Lyudmila Solovyova, Head of Department of analytical support of sales and installation projects of financial and economic Applications of CFT GC. “Beyond doubt, the main peculiarity is the scale of the business,the significant number of departments, and the multilevel hierarchy that complicates all business processes. In the CFT-Budget Planning Catalog we have consolidated the Applications that support coordination of budget processes in the whole business structure of the corporation. The Applications also support distribution of financial resources, forecasting of the financial standing of the company and its departments, allocation of responsibility among managers.”
CFT-Budget Planning Catalog consists of two Sections: “Bottom-up budgeting” and “Additional budget planning technologies and methods”. The first Section contains four Applications which are enough to create a simplified budgeting system and computerize the key budgeting stages.
The Applications from Section “Additional budget planning technologies and methods” are designed for complex and multistage budgeting using different methods.