CFT is in TOP10 in the rating of Russian high-tech companies “TekhUspekh”

On October 31st CFT Chairman Andrey Visyaschev participated in the discussion of problems and ways to stimulate the demand for innovations in Russia, which was held within the framework of the workshop venue of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladislav Surkov with heads of Russian ТОР10 quickly developing innovative and high-tech companies “TekhUspekh”.
Apart from the “TekhUspekh” rating leaders, Russian and foreign scientists and representatives of investment companies and development foundations took part in the discussion. The meeting was held within the framework of international forum “Open Innovations”, a new place for discussion of advanced technologies and development strategies in different areas, from IT and medicine to the space branch and Fuel and Energy Complex.
Commenting on the results of the meeting and appearance of CFT Group among “TekhUspekh” rating leaders, Andrey Visyaschev marked the importance of such events for IT business and innovative area in general. “Within the framework of such events we receive critically important information support for a very complex and multiple-vector topic of high technologies. For the diagnosis of this area and development of activities and solutions for it the members of expert community - business, science, foundations, investors and government - must closely cooperate among each other. As for the “TekhUspekh” rating, we think that such research and estimates show the achievements of the innovative sector of our economy that comprises hundreds of successful companies. I suppose that major Russian companies should also promote such initiatives.”
Participants of the first Russian “TekhUspekh” rating are the country’s most quickly developing innovative and high-tech companies, among them are high-tech product providers both for the domestic and foreign markets. The annual turnover of many companies goes up to thousands of million and billions of rubles. The rating contains companies from different areas: developers and producers of airplane avionics for aircraft of different types, pharmaceutical enterprises, IT companies, major regional telecommunication service providers and many others.
The rating was organized by RVC (Russian Venture Company) jointly with the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE), RUSNANO Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs and Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support (SME Bank). The rating operator was the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia.
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