Golden Crown payment system celebrates its 18th anniversary

18 years ago, the first transaction with a Golden Crown System bank card was performed. It was the beginning of the history of “smart” plastic, bank microprocessor card as a modern multifunctional financial instrument for quick everyday settlements.
There are few companies in the Russian market that chose development of new technologies as their core business direction and achieved such significant results. During the 18 years Golden Crown has succeeded not only in creating a range of advanced payment services but also in having essential influence on the development of financial culture in Russia. This careful work was and is performed in the whole territory of the country – from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka and from Khatanga to Orenburg.
In cooperation with partner banks, Golden Crown shows successful development in Russian regional markets where the System role is traditionally big. At the same time the System successfully supports the integration trend and takes specific steps for extension of cooperation with the leading global players, and first of all with MasterCard and UnionPay payment systems. Also, Golden Crown takes active part in informatization of Russian infrastructure offering the market its technological solutions for organization of electronic communication of citizens with authorities and service providers.
Golden Crown is not just a modern payment service system; it is a real community of partner banks that make priceless contributions to the System development, popularization and improvement of its products, and creation of the financial culture in Russia. We are thankful to all our partners who made our development possible.