Chelyabinvestbank has fully transferred servicing of Visa and MasterCard products to CardStandard Processing Centre

In May, for the purpose of expanding its presence in the bank card market and fostering its retail business, Chelyabinvestbank completed the project involving transfer of the MasterCard services to CardStandard Processing Centre (a part of the CFT Group company).
In December 2010, the bank transferred its Visa cards for processing by the CFT Group, and in March 2011, the bank started to issue EMV Visa cards.
Chelyabinvestbank is among the leaders of the Southern Urals financial market, and it ranks 15th in the RBC rating of the largest Russian banks by the amount of the plastic cards issued as of January 1, 2011. The bank and the CFT Group have had well established cooperation for many years. Currently, the bank serves retail customers by using CFT-Retail Bank system (Oracle-based), is connected to Internet banking system, offers Mobile Bank services and accepts payments via the Gorod system. 
Connection to CardStandard Processing Centre allowed obtaining a comprehensive solution for issuance and acquiring of Visa and MasterCard cards, through the integration of the CFT Group’s solutions.

A unique advantage of working with CardStandard Processing Centre is an online interaction between the processing centre and CFT-Retail Bank system (Oracle-based), and this enables viewing an actual cash balance, debiting the account without using a card and managing authorization limits on a real-time basis. This contributes to a significant reduction of customer servicing time and boosts the card holders’ loyalty. 
Chelyabinsk Investment Joint Stock Bank (CHELYABINVESTBANK) is one of the largest banks in the Southern Urals. Currently, the bank has over one million clients. As of the beginning of 2011, the bank’s equity capital was RUR 3.9 billion and its authorized capital was RUR 980 million. The bank issues its own promissory notes of any nominal value and serves its clients via Client-Bank, Internet-Bank and Telephone-Bank electronic systems. The bank’s technologies are used as a basis for implementing Social Card programme and the GOROD payment acceptance system. 
CardStandard Processing Centre is an independent processing centre which provides a full range of services related to the issuance and acquiring of Visa and MasterCard international payment cards. CardStandard is certified against PCI DSS standards and offers flexible customization of card products, online interaction with the bank’s automated service and processing, as well as a wide range of services for card holders. As additional benefits, CardStandard can offer its innovative systems for fraud monitoring and the services of its own contact centre.