CFT is at the top of IBS Sales League Table 2015

In the March edition IBS Journal has published rating of Russian suppliers of banking software following 2014 financial results  – “IBS Sales League Table 2015”. CFT Company took the lead in sales league table of Russian core banking software suppliers in Russia.

CFT was in the top spot in 2014 with 15 new-name core banking deals. These include VTB 24, Russian Agricultural Bank, Moscow Credit Bank, Novikombank, Devon-Credit Bank, Vega-Bank, the ENISEY Bank, Idea Bank, Moscow and Paris Bank, Central – European Bank, Adamon Bank, Korea Exchange Bank Rus etc.

“Russian core banking software market in terms of developing companies has remained unchanged. Nor have the leaders of the market, –notes Andrey Fomichev, Deputy Chairman of CFT GC Management Board, describing the situation in the financial software market in в 2014. – CFT is demonstrating stable growth in the number of new clients and the quality of customer portfolio. The company has achieved a strong position in the large and medium banks segment. Previous year has brought us 4 more signings with TOP-50 Russian banks. Today CFT is the only one core banking supplier 45% partners of which are from TOP-50 rating of credit institutions by assets.”.