CFT to help banks register customers in UBS: 10 banks already actively testing the service

Responding to the requirements of Federal Law No. 482-FZ regulating the mechanism for remote identification of customers of a credit institution, Center of Financial Technologies introduced to the market a new service called "Customer Registration in the Unified Biometric System" (as part of the CFT-State Services product). On the very first day of the service launch in test mode, the license for the product and teller CWS was provided to 10 banks, six of them in the TOP-50. A number of credit institutions which are presently acquiring biometric data equipment, also applied for connection to the CFT solution.
The CFT solution automates the generation of requests and receipt of responses from the Unified Biometric System and the Unified Identification and Authentication System based on customer data. Thus, credit institutions will be able to accept and process customer applications for biometric registration, take biometric samples and send them for registration. The collected biometric data will be checked using the Quality Control Library of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
For a customer of a financial institution, registration in the UBS will be a one-time operation of recording their biometric data – voice messages and photographs – which can be later used to access a variety of online banking services: from opening of accounts and deposits to taking out loans. All a customer will need is to have a personal computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device with Internet access.
The new functionality of CFT-State Services for customer registration in the UBS gives banks the opportunity to fully comply with the federal legislation requirements. Remote biometric identification technologies will allow credit institutions to attract new customers remotely, increase the share of online transactions, and reduce their branch network maintenance costs.