Faktura.ru has strengthened its position among top online banking systems of Expert RA ranking

Expert rating agency published a research of online banking functionality for individuals following the results of 2014. 75 Russian banks and 2 RBS developers have participated in the questionnaire. Among TOP-5 leaders Faktura.ru moved 1 position up followed by Russian Standard Bank, Sberbank of Russia, Tinkoff Bank and other major financial market players – RBS systems.
Competition among leading online banking systems has reached the peak. A gap between a ranking leader and a system ranking 5th reduced by half for the last year. Actually only a couple of functions could ensure or disturb a position among top five systems. Despite such strong competition Faktura.ru online banking platform moved up from its #5 position to #4 in the overall ranking, followed by Russian Standard Bank. Also, Faktura.ru was ranked 2nd by external payment indicator and 3rd by number internal operations and services of online banking.
Several Faktura.ru partner-banks have also independently participated in ranking. In total more than 20% of participants use Faktura.ru platform to provide online banking services to their customers. Thus, the research involved 10 banks that apply Faktura.ru standard interface. Thay were assessed in concert with RBS provider. Banks that use White Label model of Faktura.ru platform were assessed separately. BINBANK-online took part in the research for the first time ever and was ranked 12th. Two more partner of Faktura.ru has significantly strengthened their positions as compared to the previous year: Pervobank moved 6 positions up and was ranked 14th and Nordea Bank after its shift to Faktura.ru platform moved 17 positions up and was ranked  34th.
Experts state consolidation of online banking in Russia. Leading banks have already transferred significant parts of their functions to the online mode, customers tend to perform major transactions and make complex payments online. Share of online bank payments in 2014 grew by 13% as compared to 2013 and comprised 40%. Total amount of online retail payments comprised RUB 1.7 trn or 22% of all payments (+7 positions compared to 2013 indicator). Therewith the average amount of online payments grew by 28% compared to 2013 and reached its maximum in the period under review – RUB 18.5 ths. Since 2011 this indicator has almost doubled which indicated growth of major transactions and increased customers’ confidence in online banking systems.
According to experts, in 2015 online banking market driven by banks interested in client base increase will tend to grow. Due to slight difference in internal functions, flexibility of RBS platforms as well as service opportunities and banks’ individual customer offers available via RBS channels will contribute to attraction of new and retention of existing customers at this stage. In the years to come, experts predict creation of a clear and user-friendly interface, development of security systems and ease of RBS systems use.
“During several months after the questionnaire made by Expert RA, Faktura.ru has already launched a number of interesting service products. We have implemented a mobile contactless payments service to consumers (HCE technology). Faktura.ru mobile application also supports operation with Apple Watch: transfers data on balance, allows to view extracts and receive various notifications from banks. But the most important modification in Faktura.ru retail online bank will take place at the end of the year. The service will be redesigned and have more active and rich in contrast interface, yet stay easy and pleasant. Solution with a smart menu will allow to create a user profile. Client’s area will become really personal”, – commented Madina Mukanova, Head of Faktura.ru, on the future platform development.