International Financial Club Bank and CFT: a new phase of cooperation 

International Financial Club Bank (IFC) is implementing a project for transferring the functions of maintenance of CFT-Bank, banking information software, to CFT Company.
IFC Bank started to use CFT-Bank in 2009: the banking information software was implemented at the Bank’s head office in Moscow and its Siberian branch in Krasnoyarsk. Sets of applications were incorporated into the technological structure of IFC Bank in order to support the transactions of cash settlement, crediting, deposit customer services, interbank settlements, reports, payment card service, foreign exchange transactions etc.
In accordance with business needs, the financial organization is gradually expanding the functionality of CFT-Bank banking information software. In 2011, a set of applications for working with promissory notes was put into commercial operation. In the nearest future it is planned to implement the applications providing the interaction between the automated banking system and Bureau of Credit Histories (BCH), as well as the guarantees accounting. Currently, the Bank's IT specialists and CFT’s implementation team are working together to prepare for commercialization of CFT-Budget Planning and CFT-Management Accounting systems.
‘In the recent years, the Bank has done a lot for modernization of technological infrastructure,’ says Olesya Firsik, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of IFC Bank. ‘The IT-projects implemented should result in a modern IT-platform. IFC is a high-tech bank that utilizes many of most advanced IT products available in the market. Currently, we implement the project for transferring the functions of CFT-Bank system maintenance to CFT company. The purpose is to reduce the cost of the software support and maintenance, to guarantee trouble-free operation of the system and its efficient development.  This is vitally important for the business of the actively developing bank.’
The transfer of the ABS maintenance processes to the CFT began in August of the current year and is being completed step by step. Presently, CFT specialists perform maintenance of CFT-Bank both onsite and remotely. The service provided by the CFT includes monitoring of the information system, technical support of the infrastructure operability, its management in 24/7 mode, updating, etc.
‘Our joint project with IFC Bank is a vivid example of how financial company's interest in innovations is carried over to practical usage,’ notes Andrey Visyashchev, the CFT Group’s Chairman of the Board. ‘We shall do our best to provide our partner with a high quality service. This is guaranteed by a high professional level of CFT specialists, their necessary competencies and experience. Besides, mutual understanding and trust of the parties will to a great degree be a recipe to success of this service project.’
In addition to transferring CFT-Bank maintenance service to CFT, IFC Bank is planning to start using the main bank applications through ‘cloud’ technologies, at the beginning of 2012: migration of CFT-Bank information software to the developer company’s hardware will be performed.
We will create and provide IFC Bank with an external IT-infrastructure for CFT-Bank, as a service,’ AVisyashchev comments. ‘It will include not only the virtual computing capabilities, but also the elements of security infrastructure, access control, authentication, means for provision of fail-safety and disaster tolerance. Placing CFT - Bank system on cloudbasis will make it possible for partner to reduce expenses on equipment and its maintenance. If necessity arises to scale the system in accordance with the business needs in future, the Bank will not need investing in the purchase of any additional server equipment.’ 

International Financial Club (IFC Bank) is a Russian commercial bank with the following main activities: classic and investment banking service for major corporate clients, providing a full range of services to private wealthy clients, as well as operations in financial markets. Currently, the leading Russian business people are stockholders of IFC Bank: Prokhorov M.D. (27.7%), Abramov A.G. (19.71%), Vekselberg V.F. (19.71%), Kerimov S.A. (19.71%) and Ignatova E.S. (13.14%).  According to the published reports, as of the 1st of July, 2011, the equity capital of IFC Bank was RUR 4.38 billion, the bank's assets were RUR 34.97 billion. International Financial Club is one of the top 100 largest Russian banks by the assets amount. According to the rating of Profil business weekly, in 2011 the Bank once again was listed among the most reliable Russian banks (the 16th place). In September 2010, Expert RA rating agency gave the Bank Arating on the national scale, a High Level of Solvency. Head office of IFC Bank is situated in Moscow and its regional system includes: the Territory Administrative Office and Siberian branch in Krasnoyarsk, operational office in Irkutsk, and three representative offices: in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yakutsk. Professional reputation and financial opportunities of the Bank's stockholders, unique expertise of its top managers and high level of client service provide a reliable platform for confident growth and further development of IFC Bank's business.