CFT in TOP 3 Russian Software Developers

RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) has published an analytical survey on the activity of Russian groups and companies in the area of information and communications technologies based on the results of their activity in 2017. The survey resulted in the annual ranking of Russia's major IT companies, in which CFT has been number eight for several years straight. 

The ranking included 49 Russian companies. The ranking participants were evaluated based on their total sales volume from IT activities: hardware manufacturing, software development, IT and telecommunications services, distribution, hardware and software supply within the framework of integration projects and other ICT activities.  

In the area of software development, the company was once again among the TOP 3 market participants. In the area of IT services, CFT remained seventh in the ranking. 

In the results of 2017, the analysts of RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) see a clear market recovery. Its further growth will depend a lot on the growing digitalization of the economy. 

The total revenue of the companies included in the ranking has increased by 14% in 2017 (as compared to the 11% increase in the previous year) and amounted to 666.6 billion rubles. Thus, for the second year straight the market is not just broadening, it is confidently overgrowing the inflation (2.5% in 2017 and 5.6% in 2016). The optimism of the market participants is supported by the policy of economy digitalization, import substitution and information security declared at the highest level.  

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