First Client Bank has completed the first phase of the CFT-Bank system implementation

First Client Bank has successfully completed the first phase of the system’s implementation. As part of the plan to upgrade the bank’s IT infrastructure, CFT’s products have been installed to automate the bank’s work with loans, legally mandated reports to the Russian Central Bank, Cash Settlement Service, Accounting Core, and Processing Center. CFT’s banking software system was installed by CFT’s professionals with the assistance of the bank’s IT team, which carried out its part of the work in accordance with the plans for the project.
First Client Bank was founded in 2003. The Bank has been a CFT’s partner since early 2011. It carries out all types of banking operations, offering its services on the financial services market to corporate clients, such as investment banking, trade financing, etc. The bank distinguishes itself among the competitors with its rapid and stable growth dynamics. In the past few years of its operations, the Bank’s capital stock has increased more than thirteen times. There has been a steady increase in the Bank’s own equity and balance-sheet totals, and the range and quality of the services provided has continued to expand. This positive trend is due in large part to the Bank’s progressive approach toward utilizing the latest technology, allowing the Bank to offer its clients high-quality financial products that are in demand on the market.
Thus, in 2011, First Client Bank joined the Internet bank system, which offered the Bank an effective solution for organizing off-site services for its corporate clients. Currently, the Bank is preparing for the second phase of its introduction of CFT’s products, which will automate the Bank’s internal operations and securities transactions. As a result of the joint project with CFT, First Client Bank will receive a powerful, modern information platform that will be able to meet the Bank’s growing needs and dramatically improve the quality of its business.

First Client Bank, OOO (operating under License No. 3436 of the Russian Central Bank dated August. 20, 2003) was established in April 2003. The Bank is a member of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and operates under the licenses issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service. The Bank provides its clients with brokerage services, including buying/selling securities on behalf of and for the client. The Bank is currently a reliable partner on the exchange and interbank markets. The Bank’s official website is