OTP Bank is processing its POS-loans in CFT-Bank system

OTP Bank featured among TOP-50 Russian banks finished the next scheduled project stage aimed to transfer the financial institution to the unified ABS being CFT-Bank and to implement a centralized service model. OTP Bank runs CFT-Bank’s multithreaded application for retail back-office. This allows the bank to process the loans issued in dozens of POS-lending offices in the CFT-Bank system.
“This is the first time when the CFT Company has implemented multithreaded applications designed for retail back-office in a bank,says Andrey Visyaschev, the Chairman of CFT GC’s Management Board. The scale of OTP Bank’s retail business raised the bar. Our partner is the second by the share of POS-lending in the Russian market and it is this very business-line that we had to transfer to CFT’s multithreaded applications”.
“Implementation of multithreaded applications designed for the bank’s retail allowed OTP Bank to process an unlimited number of retail customer agreements in the unified ABS – all routine processing of retail loans is executed non-stop in the background”, comments Maksim Pustovoy, Deputy Chairman of OTP Bank’s Management Board.
Multithreaded applications - a new technological solution of the CFT Company designed to raise the performance figures of the company’s 2 MCA-based software products particularly as regards CFT-bank system (2 МСА Platform). “Performance of the system configured with the multithreaded applications is increased six-sevenfold, says A. Visyaschev. – This allows the bank to process not millions but dozens of millions of transactions. CFT-Bank system (2 МСА Platform) in configuration with multithreaded applications is recommended by the CFT Company as a retail system for federal major banks. OTP Banks is just that very kind of a financial institution”.  
In the nearest future OTP Bank is about to transfer other types of consumer loans – cash loans issued in bank’s offices and loans deposited on cards - to CFT’s multithreaded applications.