The First Mass Project on Issuing Loans to Prepaid Cards Mycard was Introduced to the Market by “CardStandard” Processing Center

In August “CardStandard” processing center started commercial operation of the first mass project on issuing loans to prepaid cards mycard. “TBF-Zaim” became a partner in the first project.
The trial-run of the project on mass issuance of prepaid cards for microfinance institutions was finished on July, 31. “TBF-Zaim”, a subsidiary of JSC AIKB Tatfondbank, became a partner in the first project start-up. The trial-run included a number of standard procedures on issuance, servicing and replacement of the card. Immediately after a successful trial-run the project was brought into commercial operation.
Gleb Kozlov, a Head of MFO “CardStandard” PC Management Department says: “Trial-run of the first project with “TBF-Zaim” was very representative for us. It’s not just the first project on mass issuance of cards mycard, it the project, which was completed in record-breaking time: it took only one month from the moment the negotiations were started until the first mycard transaction was executed. It is an important indicator for us, which proves, that we’ve got a well-adjusted and competently planned technology, and in perspective we will strive to start projects within a couple of hours. Besides within this project we are happy to have probably the most innovative company of Tatarstan as our partner. A company, which is initially planning its business on the federal level. We will continue supporting ambitious proposals of microfinance institutions”.
Aidar Hamidulin, a General Director of “TBF-Zaim”: “TBF-Zaim” is a young microfinance institution building its business model on the basis of modern IT solutions. The Company is operating its business in the sphere of personal overdrafts and consumer loans. Our mission is to help people solve their financial troubles in the shortest possible time. We always think about our customers, that is why we are constantly upgrading our service conditions; we simplify and speed up the process of issuance, drawing down and repayment of a loan. Mycard attracted our attention due to its simplicity: mycard can be issued immediately; you only need to have a passport and a cell-phone with you. You can obtain repeat loans even without additional visit to the office; you can send sms-message or call Contact Center. And as a bonus you receive modern services, mobile bank and internet bank, which are absolutely free for our customers”.
Summary of information:
Company “TBF-Zaim” (certificate of the Federal Commission for Securities Market on entering the MFO register, No. 2110516000396 dated August 23, 2011) offers borrowings to those people who are not ready to approach to banks. It has been operating in the market since 2011, by now “TBF-Zaim” has already been offering loans on the territory of 23 Russian regions. And by the end of 2011 we plan to operate our business in 40 RF regions.