CFT in TOP 3 Russian Software Developers

RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) has published the ranking of Russian IT companies based on the results of 2015. CFT occupies the second place of the ranking in the category ”Software development”. The Company has remained the 10th (as compared to 2014) in the total list of Russia’s major IT companies (all segments of the IT market) and is number 7 in the IT services direction.
The total revenue of Russia’s major IT companies included in the ranking prepared by RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) in 2015 has reached 552.1 billion rubles with the growth of 8%. The same growth rate (8%) was shown by the leading IT companies in 2014.
It might seem that we are witnessing some kind of stagnation in this market. But if we take into account its dependence on the import (which is not just high but critical), we might even state that the branch is putting up with the crisis with minimal losses.
See the full rating of the major IT companies on the website of Expert RA.