Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service is increasing its footprint in Moldova

Moldova Agroindbank (MAIB), the leader of Moldavian banking sector became a new partner of the Golden Crown. 94 offices of the bank in 41 cities of the country were added to the service infrastructure.
Customers of numerous offices of BC “Moldova-Agroindbank” S.A. now can perform split-second addressless money transfers via the Golden Crown according to attractive tariffs: to Russia – 1% (shall not exceed RUB 1 ths., USD 40, Euro 30), to Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine – 1% (shall not exceed RUB 1 ths., USD 30, Euro 30), to Turkey – 1.5%, to China – USD 25, to Israel, Mongolia, Czech Republic – 1%. Available currencies: RUS, USD and Euro.
“Cooperation with Moldova Agroindbank is an important step for development of the service in Moldova. MAIB has one of the most extensive distributor networks in the country, which includes 97 locations. Due to the new partnership the number of Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service’s locations in Moldova came close to 1800“, – notes Olesya Fedorova, Deputy Head of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service.
Moldova Agroindbank is a leader in Moldavian banking market, providing its customers with a wide range of products and services in the national and foreign currencies all over Moldova and abroad. With twenty years’ experience year by year MAIB strengthens its position in the Moldavian banking market.
Thus during a number of years Moldova Agroindbank holds a leading position in the list of most effectively operating banks of the Republic of Moldova: as at the end of 2013 the bank leads by the amount of assets – more than MDL 12bln and the total amount of attracted deposits - MDL 9.52bln.
In recognition of its success in the previous year, MAIB has received a whole number of international awards, among them the award “The best Moldavian Bank” by Global Finance and Global Banking & Finance Review international publications. Besides SEE News international agency has included Moldova Agroindbank into TOP-100 Best Banks of the South-East Europe, and one of the largest financial institutions of the West – Commerzbank AG – has conferred a reward on MAIB for irreproachable and highly technological performance of commercial payments and financial transactions.
“Success achieved by Moldova Agroindbank, is based on effective cooperation of the bank with its partners, - says Oleg Paingu, Vice Chairman of the Management Board of BC “Moldova-Agroindbank” S.A. – To be closer to the customers and to provide the best quality and comfort of servicing, we constantly develop and enhance our service. When we launched the Golden Crown retail addressless transfers, we offered our customers one of the quickest and most convenient means of sending money to CIS countries and far abroad”.

BC “Moldova-Agroindbank” S.A. (MAIB) was established in May 1991 on the basis of the Moldavian branch of USSR Agroprombank. It is headquartered in Kishinev. License of the National Bank of Moldova No. 004459. It is the largest Moldavian commercial bank. For more detailed information, please, refer to