Golden Crown: Repayment of Loans of Microfinance Organizations in the Service Network all over Russia

Thanks to the partnership with the “Golden Crown – Loan Repayment” service, borrowers of eleven microfinance organizations can now repay loans in all offices of MTS, Euroset, ION, Uraltelecomservice and via the payment cabinet of the Kukuruza loyalty program and bank cash departments. The new partners of the Service are such popular microfinance organizations as EUROZAEM, HOUSE CAPITAL, FINANSOVAYA POCHTA, RUSSIAN MICROFINANCE COMPANY, PROSTODENGI, ORANZHEVYE ZAIMY, CROCHNODENGI, ALYANS KREDIT, FINOTDEL, VDOLG.RU, and FINANS RESURS.

The money transfer fee is only 1% of the operation amount but not less than 50 rubles or the fee is not charged at all. Money is received on the payee’s account online or on the following work day.

If the transfer amount is bigger than 15,000 rubles, the payer has to produce his/her passport.

The loans of the above microfinance organizations can be repaid in the whole “Golden Crown – Loan Repayment” service infrastructure in any Russian city. Besides federal chains – MTS (RTK CJSC) and Euroset offices, and cash departments of partner banks, borrowers in the Moscow region can repay their loans in ION offices, and in the Ural region this service is provided also by Uraltelecomservice CJSC points of sale and service.

One of the most convenient loan repayment channels available within the “Golden Crown – Loan Repayment” service is the payment cabinet of the Kukuruza loyalty program. Any Kukuruza cardholder (at present there are over 5 million cardholders) that is also a financial organization borrower can repay loans in the personal payment cabinet at

Find the address of the nearest loan repayment office at