RN Bank is now live with CFT-Bank complex

CFT has successfully launched CFT-Bank informational complex (Platform 1) in RN Bank CJSC. CFT-Bank became a technological basis for RN Banks business and is intended to strengthen the bank’s financial market positions.
RN Bank is a joint venture of Alliance Renault Nissan (60%) and UniCredit Group (40%). RN Bank offers financial products and services to private customers and dealers to assist in acquiring and use of Alliance cars in Russia. Automation of business-processes related to all banking products and statements contributed to achievement of key strategic aims. The system enables the Bank to swiftly introduce the most modern banking products to the market.
The implemented IT-project covered such RN Bank’s business-processes as lending, factoring, interbank settlements, SWIFT-based interbank settlements, CBR mandatory statements, management of finance and product flows and internal transactions. ABS was integrated with the Bank’s front-office system, and a great deal of work has been performed to adapt those functions that are related to factoring service transactions.
“The project had been implemented in a very concise timeframe due to smooth cooperation of RN Bank and CFT’s teams. CFT Company has definitely got a great experience in creating and implementing banking business-solutions and supporting IT-platforms, and that will be certainly useful for us to gain a leading position in car lending market segment in Russia”, - commented the results of cooperation Guegan Pierre-Yves Francois, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at RN Bank.
“Partnership with RN Bank is very important for us, – notes Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of GC CFT Management Board. – Our partner has great business perspectives in Russia and CFT’s key task lies in timely and precise satisfaction of the contractor’s demands. This project enabled us to gain even more experience in cooperating with banks involved in car lending, and RN Bank received a new generation full-function core banking system adapted to its demands”.