The first stage of CFT product installation has been completed at Bank-T
Within the framework of the first stage, a range of CFT products has been successfully installed at Bank-T (OJSC), among which are applications for automation of cash management and work with loans, deposits and plastic cards. The installation was completed by CFT Group and Bank specialists within the planned terms.
Bank-T has already been using CFT-Bank (Platform 1) information banking complex in its core activity. A complex of bank applications has been installed in the head office of Bank-T (OJSC) in Moscow and in the bank branches in Novorossiysk and Saint Petersburg, and it consists of applications for organization of corporate customers servicing and retail business of the Bank. Corporate customer remote servicing is performed in the Bank using the Interbank Processing Center technology that provides versatility, high reliability and security that conform with the latest requirements, and possible integration with customer transaction accounting systems. The Bank provides high-technology remote banking service under the brand.

The Bank’s product concept is based on the “nothing extra” principle due to which the Bank offers its customers products that are the most interesting for them personally. Plus, the company is focused on high-tech servicing of its customers via the Internet.

The Bank’s complex approach to the organization of business IT support is aimed at providing higher standards of customer servicing and significantly decreasing the time and costs for installation of new products.

The next stage in the implementation of the strategy of building a modern IT infrastructure at Bank-T (OJSC) will be installation of a complex of applications for automation of intra-business activity, tax accounting and securities transactions.

Bank - Т (OJSC) (License of the Bank of Russia No.625 for transactions with legal and natural persons) is a commercial bank that has been active in the Russian banking services market for 20 years. The Bank development model that is implemented today provides for offering of high-tech products to corporate clients within Bank-T-Business product line, and to natural persons within Bank-T-Direct product line under the brand. The official website of the bank is