Golden Crown – Money Transfers turnover exceeded $8.7 billion

In 2011 over 9 million customers used the System Golden Crown - Money Transfers, with over 17.69 million transactions and the total turnover exceeding $8.7 billion. Compared to the results of 2010, the System turnover increased 2.3 times, the number of transactions increased 2.5 times. The total number of Sender Cards exceeded 8 million.
During 2011, Golden Crown infrastructure has grown more than a quarter; partnership agreements were signed with 112 financial institutions in Russia and CIS countries. The number of system points in Russia and CIS has reached 30,000.
On average there were 2.6 times more Golden Crown money transfers sent from CIS countries than in 2010.The number of transfers from Russia to CIS increased 2.4 times.

“In 2011 our main priority was the development of infrastructure and service component of money transfer services,” comments Ivan Sitnov, Director of the Golden Crown - Money Transfers System. “Our strategy allowed the System to reach such high results. As for the most prominent cornerstones this year I would like to stress our growing positions in local money transfers – in Russia-Russia corridor there were over 2.5 million transfers made within the System Golden Crown – Money Transfers, which is twice as much as in 2011. I would also like to emphasize the growth of the System infrastructure on the Ukrainian market. In 2011, one of the largest Ukrainian banks, JSC Oschadbank, joined the System bringing the number of Golden Crown points of service in Ukraine to 7,000. Another key project was carried out with PrivatBank, where on-line integration increased user-friendliness of services".
During the year, in order to simplify the sending process a number of System partners created integrated solutions with core banking systems of Russian providers and improved existing integration with CFT technological platforms.  
Golden Crown – Money Transfers realized over 200 integrated marketing initiatives in 40 regions of Russia and the CIS. For the first time the System invited a celebrity – Vera Brezhneva, a popular singer and actress, to become Golden Crown’s face. System contact center processed over 200 thousand phone calls from clients in Russia and CIS.
“This year we are going to focus on further strengthening of our positions on the local money transfer market, holding our traditional priority on the CIS region,” said Ivan Sitnov. “We are ready to offer innovations both in technology and services, and our fee policies.”