Addressless money transfers to Israel by the Golden Crown

The Golden Crown announces launch of new money transfer direction - Israel.
The first RF-Israel transactions started in the beginning of 2014 when 18 locations of Albercom Ltd were connected. Further widening of Golden Crown’s network in Israel was due to accession of 48 branches of Viankom Ltd.
This spring there succeeded a large-scale project on implementation of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service in GMT Company (176 locations) and in August one more partner - STB Union – has acceded to the service. Thus, current network of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service covers 250 offices in 61 cities throughout Israel.
“We have started cooperating with the Golden Crown half a year ago and we are definitely satisfied with the results achieved by now. Infrastructure of the Golden Crown is now available to our customers, so that people can easily receive money transfers in Russia and CIS countries. The largest service network in the market provides the clients with the comfort of easily accessible money transfers”, – notes Aleksandr Bernstein, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Albercom Ltd.
“Launch of addressless money transfers in Israel is one more step under Golden Crown’s strategy of expansion to the countries of far abroad. RF-Israel corridor is going to be highly effective, and we expect great increase in customer activity and huge transaction volumes between our countries”, – Comments Olesya Fyodorova, Deputy Head of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service.
Fee for transfers to Israel comprises 1% regardless the transfer amount. This tariff is applied in every Russian bank being a partner of the Golden Crown’s international money transfer service. Transfer currency – USD, EUR. Albercom Ltd Company provides RUB money transfers as well.
Service locations are currently operating in 19 countries: Abkhazia, Azerbaidzhan, Belorussia, Vietnam, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, China, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Czech Republic.