Baltic Development Bank JSCB has chosen CFT-Bank

Baltic Development Bank JSCB and CFT have signed an agreement under which in 2012 the Bank will transfer to the new technological platform – CFT-Bank (Platform 1) information bank complex.
Baltic Development Bank JSCB required technological modernization because of the necessity to create IT infrastructure providing adequate support for further development of the Bank business and gradual increase of the volume of banking services.
“The Bank’s objective is creation of a competitive product line and attractive customer service,” said Aleksandr Tyutyunnik, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Baltic Development Bank JSCB. “These essential tasks for the Bank business cannot be completed without a respective technological platform. Replacement of the basic ABS is a very crucial step that requires performing a big scope of work and engaging all key business blocks in this process. But we are taking this step consciously because IT infrastructure is the business component that can give us competitive advantage. Besides, the Bank’s IT strategy incorporates the principle of centralization of information technologies, which we shall implement on the basis of CFT-Bank system. This will allow increasing the speed of installation of new bank products and making the operation of the head office and branches more transparent and efficient.”
“Start of IT cooperation with Baltic Development Bank is very important for CFT, we see the Bank as our long-term and strategic partner,” said Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT GC. “In the course of project implementation we will complete several interesting tasks together with the Bank’s business and IT specialists. I have no doubt that the work on installation and launching of the new bank information complex with Baltic Development Bank will be performed successfully, which will allow our partner to achieve the set goals even more efficiently.”
Baltic Development Bank is now performing a pre-project survey, during which the current and perspective needs of the Bank will be analyzed, a plan of tasks on transferring the technological support of business processes of the financial organization to the CFT IT platform will be drawn up. 

Joint Stock Commercial Bank “Baltic Development Bank”
(closed joint stock company, CBRF License No. 2929) was created in 1994 in Kaliningrad. Later it was decided to change the location and transfer the Bank to Moscow. In November 2000 Baltic Development Bank started operation in Moscow. At the same time, in May 2000 a branch in Vladivostok was opened. According to the results of the rating of Russian major banks published by RosBusinessConsulting Agency as of October 1, 2011 Baltic Development Bank took position 181 by the size of liquid assets, and position 191 by the size of net assets. On December 6, 2011 Expert RA Rating Agency awarded Baltic Development Bank JSCB (CJSC) rating A “High solvency level”. Baltic Development Bank is member of the deposit insurance system (number 795 in the register of member banks), registered on 21.03.2005.
At present the Bank is represented in Moscow (head organization), it has branches in Vladivostok, Saint-Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. The Bank provides a full range of bank products and services both for legal and natural persons, and is a universal credit organization. Bank official website: